How to Use Instagram Shopping to Drive Product Sales

How to Use Instagram Shopping to Drive Product Sales

What are Instagram Shops?

Instagram shops are a facility which allows people having Instagram accounts as well as their own e-commerce line to sell their products or services directly through Instagram’s platform. Instagram shopping provide users with the ability to interact with their favourite brands and shop their products through the Instagram application. Instagram users can also find new brands that they are interested in and complete all their purchases through the use of this handy social media platform. 

Instagram shopping is all the rage at the moment and gaining further popularity quickly in the E-commerce world. Among the popular e-commerce trends, this is an extension to a platform holder or brand’s page and acts as small e-commerce stores within the Instagram platform. Building an interactive shopping experience for the people that use it helps pool in a larger audience and thus increase the number of potential customers for a particular brand.

How to Set It Up? 

In order to set up an Instagram store, platform holders must first have a business-specific Instagram account and have to meet the eligibility criteria. This eligibility criterion is not limited to but  includes: 

  1. Must have its operations within a supported market depending on location
  2. Must have a supported e-commerce website from with product selling can take place          

It is important to remember that Instagram shop is simply an extension of a platform owner’s e-commerce store and can not necessarily replace the website. 

On having all these things in order, you may follow the steps required to set up your shop. This would include loading product images and turning the shopping option on. 

There are a few tips users and aspiring sellers should keep in mind while setting up their Instagram shop. These will help attract a larger number of customers and thus build traffic. 

  1. It is important to use editorial images which are of high quality for all products as well as collections. Instagram is an interactive platform. Hence, being through with your content and making it stand out is among the vital things to pay attention to. 
  2. It is vital to have all the information related to each product on hand. Thinking of it in terms of an interactive catalogue, customers would want to know all the details of the product including price, size, colour, types, and so on. Information regarding the shipping and various other details must also be provided clearly.
  3. Instagram shopping allows you to tag your products on the uploaded images. These tags are advised to be used by all brand owners. This is applicable to the Instagram stories option as well.

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Promoting Your Instagram Shop

Promoting Your Instagram Shop
Promoting Your Instagram Shop

On having everything set up in regards to your Instagram shop, it is important to look for methods to help grow, promote as well as draw attention to your store. In order to do this, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Launching your collections in a timely fashion: It is important to think from the buyers perspective while launching a group of products or a collection on your page or store. It is advised to think about recent trends, seasons, moments in pop culture, holidays, etc. This would help potential buyers connect with your products and interact with your store.
  2. Always use the “Tag Product” option: Linking your products directly to the images you post would allow buyers to look into them with ease. It is also important to update your Instagram bio with further information regarding shopping at your store.
  3. Investing in advertisements: Creating or launching advertisements on Instagram having product tags would help create reach and draw a larger number of people towards your shop.   

What are the Benefits of Having an Instagram Shop?

There is a wide range of benefits to having an Instagram store. Firstly, the facility is free and can thus be accessed in a budget-friendly manner. Secondly, an Instagram store basically acts as another storefront, allowing store owners to gain traffic from as many places as possible. Being a mobile catalogue, it increases efficiency and helps potential buyers look at precise product information in a hassle-free manner. This would thus help build a larger following. Thus Instagram shopping allows brand and shop owners to interact with new buyers and potential customers seamlessly and increase product sales.

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